Scene Demo Reel

February 2021

Self-tape Style Demo Reel

August 2020

Celine Modschiedler VO commercial Demo 2
Celine Modschiedler VO Demo - Narration
Celine Modschiedler VO animation video g

Voice-Over Demo


Voice-Over Demo


Voice-Over Demo

Animation/Video Games


Drama - Love and Money by Dennis Kelly

Demo Scenes

Romantic Comedy - Kat

Scenes demo reel 

February 2020


Drama - Monster

Demo scenes

Comedy - Molly

Demo scenes

Romantic Comedy - Lily (Ann Forry Casting Director Workshop)


Comedy - Cocktails at Pam's by Stewart Lemoine

Brain Waves by Ocean Wise - Episode 1

Excerpt from 'Women and Wallace' by Jonathan Sherman, part of 2011 Atlantic Theater Acting School's production of 'I'm Ok, You're Ok'

REEL - 2014

Call Back - by Daria Davydova

Stages - by Darren Borrowman

(for Pockets Of Light - Ode to Inspiration - LOVE 2013)


Drama - César et Rosalie - French with English subtitles

Demo scenes

Drama - Reggie

Demo scenes

Drama - Lawyer Sam

Demo scenes

Romantic Comedy - Nicole  (Ann Forry Casting Director Workshop)

Fate - By Rodrigo Arias