Height: 5’7”

Hair: Auburn Brown

Eyes: Blue



Location: Vancouver, BC

- Willing to travel -

Vancouver actor

Céline was born and raised in the beautiful South of France. Growing up on the French Riviera, Céline started showing interest in Acting at a young age. With the support of her parents, she started auditioning and doing a few commercials early on.


She took her first acting classes at the Théatre de la Cité in Nice, where she participated in her first production during which a special role was written in for her in a re-imagining of the classic Alice In Wonderland.  


After her first trip to the United States at the age of 8 to visit her family, Céline was bent on leaving home upon completing high school to move permanently to New York and be an actor.


She went on to study Performing Arts at the Companie des Enfants du Spectacle in her teenage years, all the while being part of an Improv group and taking dance classes.


After high school, things turned out a little different though. After spending some time doing humanitarian work in Burkina-Faso, Africa at the age of 17, Céline decided to take a little detour first and went to the UK for 3 years to attend University in London, where she graduated in Human Rights Law and Film Production. 


Directly after graduating however, Céline finally crossed the pond back to New York City to attend the One Year Intensive Acting for Film at the New York Film Academy and graduated in 2009. She worked as an Actor in Film and Theater and trained as a singer for over a year before returning to school to take the recognized 2.5 years Conservatory Acting at the Atlantic Theater Company Acting School. 


It was around that time that Céline started producing when a close friend asked for her help putting together a play that he had been wanting to perform. Having previously worked as a Production Assistant in the summer following her training at NYFA, Céline quickly got the hang of it; you could say it was instinctual. She became the official Producer for that play. She went on to produce and direct several works in NYC, as well as working as House Manager and Production Assistant for Magic FutureBox in Brooklyn. 


Together with her Atlantic Theater classmates, they created the BLue ASs MOnkey Theater Company, whose first production, Mercury Fur was a big success and selected as 'most popular social event in New York' on its opening night and sold out every show.


During the summer following her graduation from the Atlantic Theater, Céline decided to move to Canada, to pursue her Producing and Acting aspirations in a different environment, slightly more film oriented. 


In July 2013, Céline got to Vancouver BC and was fortunate enough to be put in touch with the newly formed ODE. with whom she worked until May 2017; she is now looking to return to doing more Acting work, as well as giving writing a shot. 


With a background in humanitarian work and a strong passion for Human Rights, Oceanography, History and Socio-Political issues, Céline aims at telling the stories that need to be told, raising awareness about the difficult issues that are important and not necessarily talked about, hoping to make a difference in the world.


(Céline is also an avid volunteer, reader, educator, animal lover, conservation and oceans enthusiast, Scuba Diver, Hockey fanatic, globetrotter, foodie and a bit of a geek, just a bit...)

2010 - present

2010 - present