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Back to Set!

Finally back in the game! Check out Céline in episode 12 of season 1 of Debris on NBC!

On set for "Human Factors" in Abbottsford April 2021

A Sign Film team made the Crazy8s 2020 Top 12!

Writer/Director Chantel Wright and Producer Céline Modschiedler are very excited to have made the #crazy8sfilm20 Top 12 after pitching in person at the DGC BC branch! Be sure to follow @Crazy8sFilms for all the details! Congratulations everyone! 

Crazy8s top 12.jpg

Welcome to Canada!

It's official! Céline is very excited to announce that she has become a Canadian Citizen on November 16th!

She is very proud to become a citizen of this wonderful country and looks forward to fulfilling her duties as a Canadian.

Citizenship ceremony.jpg
Crazy8s20 Top 40_edited.jpg

A Sign Film team made the Crazy8s Top 40!

New Project!

After a little time off to sort out her immigration status (taking the Canadian Citizenship test on Wednesday October 16th!), Céline is finally getting back on the Producing horse, bringing to life a wonderful story about resilience and identity, collaborating with Chantel Wright. The pair is dedicated to making this story happen and bringing this project to light! Step one is applying for Crazy8s 2020! 

Although the production team is exploring multiple funding avenues, they want to contribute to the local community and would love to be a part of the Crazy8s adventure! Stay tuned for more news about this project by first time writer/director Chantel Wright and produced by Céline Modschiedler. 

Chantel VanderWright and Céline Modschie

Farewell ODE. Movements 

After almost four years with ODE. Movements Society, Céline has decided to leave the company to re-focus on her personal acting and producing career. "Thank you to everyone who has ever been involved with ODE. It's been a great adventure! 

Exciting projects are in development, stay tuned for more info soon!"

ODE. Movements @rEvolver Festival 2017

NeOn by Mayumi Yoshida is back! Revamped and directed by Laura McLean, NeOn is returning this year, opening the 2017 Vancouver rEvolver Festival. Céline is producing and co-production managing the show!

We had a great time with Nicole Shorrock, Tammy Gillis, Michelle Choi-Lee and Michele de Broel working on our video pitch for the Crazy8s films 2017!

ODE. Movements @Vancouver Fringe Festival 2016

This year, ODE. Movements Society presents a brand new play written and directed by Mayumi Yoshida at the Cultch Historic Theater as a part of the Vancouver Fringe Festival. As the Producer, Production Manager and Stage Manager, Céline Modschiedler is proud to share this beautiful piece of work and invites you to experience the magic of "NeOn". Performances September 9th to September 17th, tickets $14 + festival membership @

Check out our page on Vancouver Plays and all the awesome media coverage throughout the city! 























ODE. Movements Society presents

"NeOn -ね音-" by Mayumi Yoshida
Vancouver Fringe Festival (September 8th-18th) 

・Audition Dates
June 18th & 19th

・Submission Deadline
June 15th

・Submission Instructions
Auditions by appointment only. To book an audition time, please submit your resume and headshot to Céline Modschiedler at with the subject line "YOUR NAME-Neon Audition".
We will send out sides from the play to prepare and may ask you to do some cold reads.

We all have our own definition of love. Between Vancouver and Tokyo, young and old, rich and poor, oh and of course MEN and WOMEN. Is anything different fundamentally? If so what is it? Is anything the same? Why is it? 
By introducing multiple stories of love, this show questions how you commit to the practice of love and your approach to human relationships and most of all, your life.

・Additional Comments
Non-Union/Union. This show is a collaborative piece. Must be comfortable in improv and some movement work. Willing to explore and learn about the characters and contribute in its creation. Rehearsals will start from July( July: 2-3 week days, 1 of the week ends. August & Sept 2-3 of the week days, Sat & Sun) . You must be available for all performances and tech rehearsal on Sept 9,10,11,12,16,17th.

《Character 1》
Name: Woman
Age: 20-50
Gender: Female
Character Description
OPEN ETHNICITY. Age is fairly open as long as you can portray from early 20's to late 70's. She is mainly a young woman in the 1950's. She grows older as the story progresses. Man's love of his life. She marries a very wealthy man but ends up with an empty marriage.

《Character 2》
Name: Man
Age: 20-50
Gender: Male
Character Description
OPEN ETHNICITY. Age is fairly open as long as you can portray from early 20's to late 70's. He is mainly a young man in the 1950's. He grows older as the story progresses. Woman's love of her life.

《Character 3》
Name: Sachi
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Character Description
OPEN ETHNICITY. Age is fairly open as long as you can portray a 30 year old woman. Naomi's best friend. Closet lesbian. Opposite to Naomi, she wants to love and be loved deeply but her fear of who she really is and not being accepted stops her from getting what she wants. As much as she loves Naomi as a friend, it frustrates her to see how Naomi doesn't take other people's feeling/and hers seriously.

《Character 4》
Name: Naomi
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Character Description
OPEN ETHNICITY. She's a big city girl(woman) who is struggling to find what she really wants in a relationship or in her life. Best friends with Sachi. Used to be a believer in love, until her long term relationship came to an end 3 years ago, now she doesn't feel quite ready and has commitment issues. She is pressured by her parents that she still lives with to settle down and get married soon.

《Character 5》
Name: Chuck
Age: 18+ to play 7-10
Gender: Male
Character Description
OPEN ETHNICITY. He is best friends/love enemies with Button. Is obsessed with Kurumi. Strong willed, bold, wreck less, blind at times.


《Character 6》
Name: Button
Age: 18+ to play 7-10
Gender: Male
Character Description
OPEN ETHNICITY. Chuck's Best friend/love enemy. He worships Kurumi, and thinks she's too good for him. Compared to Chuck, Button's a lot more sensitive and naive.

《Character 7》
Name: Kurumi
Age: 18+ to play 7-10
Gender: Female
Character Description
OPEN ETHNICITY. She is a very forward child with a lot of charisma and is not afraid to say what she thinks or what she wants. Her philosophy in life is not the kind a normal 7 year old would have.

《Character 8》
Name: Homeless Man
Age: 50+
Gender: Male
Character Description
OPEN ETHNICITY. Age is fairly open as long as you can portray a 50+ old man. He sleeps and lives around the train station, stalked by Chuck and Button all summer. He shows what true love means to Chuck and Button.

《Character 9》
Name: Tuck
Age: Late 20's
Gender: Male
Character Description
OPEN ETHNICITY. He is Naomi's co-worker and they've been sleeping together for almost a year. He is not interested in committing to a relationship but cares about Naomi a lot.




This year marks 70 years since World War II ended.


ODE. would like to invite you to a poetry reading event to recognize and remember what happened in Japan 70 years ago. No other country has experienced an atomic bomb dropped on to civilians.


We see it as our mission to keep reminding the world, to not let these little voices die.


This is not a political event.


These poems are read to remember and to call for world peace at home and abroad.


By donations.

ODE. is currently actively working on its 2014 Season - Please visit for more information! 









































'A Day In Darkness' - Céline is currently in rehearsals as a cast member for 'A Day in Darkness'. More Info coming soon... 





















Céline D. Modschiedler Official Photography website is finally live! Check it out at



Pockets of Light Crowdfunding campaign is now LIVE on Indiegogo!


Please take the time to check out our campaign and show yout support by contributing what you can (anything helps!) and by spreading the word! Follow the link to Indiegogo - Pockets Of Light - Ode to Inspiration campaign



ODE. - Pockets Of Light

Céline is currently working as a Producer with ODE., a Vancouver based innovative company.

ODE. is a collective of diverse Artists and Business professionals producing in the Entertainment Arts, employing a community based resource model, to create and inspire. 


"Our collective seeks to attract a diverse and international team or family of members to bring inspiration and innovation to every project. To refresh the world… to inspire moments of optimism and happiness…to inspire and nurture the human spirit one person at a time.
We are constantly focusing on innovating. We believe in the simple, not the complex. We participate in markets where we can make a significant contribution. We believe in saying no to some projects so that we can focus on the ones that are truly important to us. We believe in deep collaboration and cross-pollination of our groups, which allows us to innovate in a way that others cannot and we do not settle for anything less than excellence in every group of the collective. We can admit when we are wrong and have the courage to change."


Céline is the Production Manager and Producer as well as a participating Actor for ODE.'s first project : Pockets Of Light - Ode to Inspiration – a visual jazz-bar, an event where up to 12 artists have created a mélange of songs, films and live work inspired by the word Love.
This project consists of 4 composers each creating an instrumental piece based on LOVE, gifting those to 4 filmmakers who are inspired to make 4 original films inspiring 4 choreographers/directors to create live art for a public event of performances and networking.


Pokets Of Light will take place on November 27th 2013 at Ginger62 - doors open at 6.30pm

Ginger62 - 1219 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1M6


'A Day in Darkness' has launched its Indiegogo campaign! Please show your support and help bring this important project to life! Thank You!!!

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